House Of Gold Co.,Ltd. Started as an importer of gold platted decorative articles, and has since evolved into becoming the market leader in Fine Dining. The company realized an unmet demand for change and decided to introduce an alternative concept to fine dinning.

House Of Gold Co.,Ltd. is the sole importer of gold and silver plated metal wares. The buying, marketing and logistic center of the company is staffed by professionally trained and experienced personnel, who have a wide knowledge of the growing trends in Fine Dinning.

Food Bakers, Food Warmers, Trays, Candle-Holders and Trolleys as well as various kinds of table top articles can be found under the roof of “ House” Of Gold. Many of these items even come with high quality glass and crystal ware. All the products are sold under the company’s own brand name “House Of Gold ®”

The company is highly committed to materializing new concepts into marketable items. To get first hand information on market trends, the company actively attends local as well as overseas trade fairs.

The company imports exclusive designs tailored to its clientele needs. The sourcing of its products is done from many well established and famous companies that span over generations of metal molders and designers. These companies stretch across Europe, Middle-East and Asia.

House Of Gold products are made of lron, Stainless Steel and Brass Metals. With advanced technology and complex, technical procedures, these metals are then platted into High-Quality, 24 K gold, micron silver or chromium. To keep the platting shinning and durable some of these items further undergo lacquer coating. To prevent the products from any form of tarnish, they can easily be wiped with a soft cloth and stored in a dry place after each use.

Being an active player on the market frontier for years, the Company knows very much about customer’s needs under the ever increasing market competitiveness. It is the Company’s goal to provide its clients with greatest flexibility and most responsive services, giving rise to a professional, yet cost-effective, trading environment.

Thus, the name House Of Gold is more than just a corporate name but a synonym with “grandeur at reasonable prices” for customers looking to experience the joy of Fine Dinning.


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